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    Palazzo pants

    Palazzo Pants are a must-have. They suit on different body shapes and in their high waist version they slim above all the shortest legs. Everyone has a different body shape which defines a person’ s style. Where a person is less fortunate a personal consultant intervenes giving practical and technical suggestions. This person reveals the way in tricking the eye minimizing a defect or exalting a particoularity. Here I suggest you two different ways wearing palazzo pants on a base of the length of a leg and the size of the bust: If you want to gain some centimetres in the lower part of the body tuck your shirt inside…

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    Do orange and violet match?

    Do orange and violet match? YES is the answer. In the picture you can see a special look to  wear for this uncertain weather. If you are a leather jacket lover, replace it with a super soft and cozy orange sweater. Try changing your outfit with a high waist violet  vinylic skirt with a belt. Patent leather  squared toe boots with a medium heel to complete the look! Learning to match colors to be able to  distinguish yourself  from others on a low budget is possible! Feel free to contact me for a new low cost shopping experience!

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    Pantone 2018: Ultra Violet

    Violet is a secondary color, which comes from the mixture of the two primary colors, red and blue. This color rapresents mistery, magic and superstitious powers. Better to avoid wearing it at the theatre  unless you are one of  the actors: this superstion goes back to the medioeval ages. PANTONE has announced VIOLET  as color of the year. Shades of turquoise are suggested as the perfect match. Other colours you can match it to are: orange, blue, beige, white, gold and silver. For further information about my consultations, contact me here or visit my website and click CONSULTATIONS .