About me

Enrica Chicchio - Chi sono
My name is Enrica Chicchio
I live in Bologna
and I firmly believe
in the art of change.

Born in Udine and now living in my adopted city of Bologna, with a strong background in contemporary art, I have decided to channel the aesthetic taste I have cultivated into the field I love the most: that of image.

For years, I have been collaborating with professionals in the fashion industry and working throughout Italy as a consultant and instructor for both businesses and individuals. Through a path centered on enhancement, I provide a comprehensive service dedicated to improving one's image.

Recently, I have launched customizable training courses for individuals, businesses, small and large retail stores, beauty salons, cosmetics manufacturers, and beauty boutiques.

I also conduct seminars for associations such as Confcommercio and Confartigianato as well as maintaining ongoing collaborations with fashion brands like:

Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Diego Della Palma
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Liu Jo
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Revlon
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Stefanel
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Lamborghini
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Vogue

This includes the organization of special event and corporate training for may brands including the one’s belove.

My work philosophy is centered on the individual and the achievement of their professional goals through a well-established method.


As image consultant, I guide individuals in discovering their potential by working on colors, shapes, style, and wardrobe.


As a corporate trainer, I design and deliver courses tailored to the needs of companies. I work with fashion and beauty brands such as LiuJo, Stefanel, Revlon, Diego dalla Palma.


Some brands I have collaborated with

Collabs - Diego Della Palma
Collabs - Liu Jo
Collabs - Revlon
Collabs - Stefanel
Collabs - Lamborghini
Collabs - Vogue
Collabs - Castelguelfo - The Style Outlet
Collabs - Veronica Tordi gioielli
Collabs - Diva gioielli
Collabs - Confartigianato Udine
Collabs - King - Find Your Attitude
Collabs - Elena Mirò
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