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Enrica Chicchio - About me
My name is Enrica Chicchio
I live in Bologna
and I firmly believe
in the art of change.

Born in Udine and adopted by Bologna, with a strong background in contemporary art, I have decided to channel the aesthetic taste I have cultivated into the field I love the most: that of image.

For years, I have been collaborating with professionals in the fashion industry and working throughout Italy as a consultant and instructor for both businesses and individuals. Through a path centered on enhancement, I provide a comprehensive service dedicated to improving one's image.

Recently, I have launched customizable training courses for individuals, businesses, small and large retail stores, beauty salons, cosmetics manufacturers, and beauty boutiques.

I also conduct seminars for associations such as Confcommercio and Confartigianato and maintain ongoing collaborations with fashion companies, from special events to corporate training for brands like

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Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Liu Jo
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Revlon
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Stefanel
Enrica Chicchio's collabs - Lamborghini
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My work philosophy is centered on the individual and the achievement of their professional goals through a well-established method.


for him and for her


Color analysis

Color analysis, or harmonics, plays a crucial role in building an effective image. With this service, you will discover a color palette that perfectly complements your complexion.

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Make the most of your palette

Color Analysis and Wardrobe in a Palette

Following the color analysis session, we will conduct a wardrobe check in your own home. We will identify clothing items that harmonize with your complexion, making the most of what you already have.

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Your palette and make-up

Color Analysis and Makeup in a Palette

Following the color analysis session, we will conduct a beauty check and provide a personalized makeup lesson based on your seasonal color palette. This will enhance your appearance and help you choose the most suitable shades and textures for your face and natural colors.

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Body shape

Body Analysis

Understanding and accepting your own body is essential for living a fulfilling and mindful life. I will guide you in discovering the strengths of your body, allowing you to enhance it through clothing and accessories. Body analysis also includes a facial analysis.

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Your space

Wardrobe Analysis

By optimizing your space, employing effective decluttering techniques, and strategically preserving, recycling, or modifying your clothing, your wardrobe will breathe new life. Discovering new combinations with items you already own will become the new way to "shop" at no cost, right in your own closet!

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Your style

Style analysis

A service specifically designed to discover your own style. Clothing and accessories will adhere to the principle of enhancement while not overlooking the uniqueness of the detail.

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Conscious Shopping

Personal shopping

A completely personalized service that aligns with your budget and preferences. The goal is to make shopping together efficient, mindful, and targeted. If needed, I can also support clients remotely.

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On-line consultation

1 hour on-line with Enrica

Clear all your image-related doubts with a one-hour call together.

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Photography and image consulting

Social Photocromy

Together with Geraldina Bellipario, we will create the shots for your private or work projects, using clothing and accessories consistent with your style of reference.

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For the bride

Bridal Privèe

Consultation to embark on the journey of choosing the wedding dress, enhancing it based on your complexion and facial and body features.

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Here are some testimonials from those who have embarked on a transformative journey with me.

Read all the testimonials.

Enrica is a serious and well-prepared professional, super organized and effective. The "wardrobe consultation" was "beyond expectations": now not only is my wardrobe organized and a pleasure to look at, but it also houses garments with lines and colors that truly enhance me. Enrica is invaluable on this front. If we add the fact that she is an extremely pleasant and cheerful person, the recipe is perfect.


We turned to Enrica to take advantage of her services as a comprehensive image consultant. She is a serious and well-prepared professional, with talent and creativity that lead to improvements capable of enhancing you without upheaval. She is always very available and attentive to the requests of her clients. If you have in mind a path of change, Enrica is the person for you.


I have just completed the Armocromia course with Enrica. The course is well-structured and comprehensive in every aspect: from the technical basics of color to the study of chromatic seasons and their subgroups. I have been involved in image consulting since 2011, and I wanted to update my skills, starting fresh. I was looking for someone serious, competent, and who could enrich my knowledge on the subject. I found exactly what I was looking for and even more because I found, in one of the most authoritative professionals in the field, great empathy and humanity that add significant value. At the end of the course, you come out with concrete and serious tools to start conducting consultations with great professionalism and care for the client.


I turned to Enrica because I wanted to embark on a personal journey that would help me gain more confidence and rediscover the beauty that I could no longer see. I ended up at Enrica's studio to delve into makeup, with the help of Lorenzo, and it was a new and wonderful experience. Not only because she realized that the color analysis I had done previously was incorrect, but also because it was a moment of great dialogue that gave me the push to start anew and regain confidence in myself. I am excited to continue this journey with her. For me, going to Enrica and Lorenzo was a treat that I recommend to everyone.


I had the Wardrobe Analysis service with Enrica, and it was revealing for both myself and my closet. I recommend this service to everyone who wants to minimize shopping time with the value of bringing home the right items. No more clothes with tags for me! Thank you, Enrica.

Traning courses

For individuals, businesses, small and large retail stores, beauty salons, cosmetics manufacturers and beauty boutiques
Color Analysis Training Course

Training Course inColor Analysis

This course precisely covers the foundations of image consulting, equipping you with solid tools to excel in your current profession or embark on a career as an image consultant.

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Body shape analysis Training course

Training Course in Body Shape Analysis

This course is structured to provide highly qualified and personalized services to clients through body shape analysis. Understanding body shapes enables you to build customer loyalty by guiding them toward clothing that enhances their features.

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Shopping and wardrobe Training course

Training Course in Shopping and Wardrobe

Designed for individuals, businesses, and professionals in the beauty, fashion, and retail industry, as well as architects and custom furniture stores aiming to provide an exclusive solution for organizing wardrobes or walk-in closets.

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Men's styling Training course

Training course in Men's styling

To deepen knowledge in the image consulting world, to be able to cater to the male audience as well.

Soon available

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